Membership of SOS Tin Can Bay Inc.

  Membership of SOS Tin Can Bay Inc. is open to any and all people who want to promote and protect the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the waterways and adjacent creeks and land areas of the Tin Can Inlet and adjacent coastal creeks through community based action.

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Membership Application Form (pdf format) 12.21 kb
Important: Please print clearly on the Application Form, especially your email address.

Q & A

Q. After I have filled in the Membership Form and emailed it how can I get the $2.00 membership fee to SOS Tin Can Bay Inc.

A. Option 1 - Simply Click on Payment Details, below, fill in the fields and an email will be sent to you with our bank account details so you can make a direct deposit
Important: Don't forget to use your name as a reference when transfering your membership fee
Payment Details

A. Option 2 - Bring the filled in form and $2.00, or just come along to our next meeting
P.S. If you forget to bring a form with you don't worry, we have plenty of forms


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