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Some Mega Marina Impacts:*
  Loss of Tin Can Bay's naturally attractive and relaxed character. Serious reduction of marine safety and amenity to existing small craft users. Construction and operation likely to repel Norman Point dolphins and threaten associated activities.

Contamination from marina construction and ongoing operations would reduce water quality and threaten vital food chain species - seagrass, shellfish, etc.

Marina promotes boating levels and activity that increases direct threat to all local dolphins, turtles and dugong.

Loss of public parkland and trees.

Direct water access hugely reduced and put upon private lease land. How will public access conflict with future security needs of marina lessees?

Congestion and safety issues will compromise current formal activities - ie junior sailing. When push comes to shove, who would be told to go?

Increased traffic congestion and immense load upon Esplanade... ...etc., etc., etc.

* The above assessments are the reasonable opinion of SOS-TCB based upon the marina application, available science and local knowledge.


Imagine a shed. A very big shed.

Actually, imagine two huge sheds.

1.5 times higher than the
Coastguard building at Norman Point,

4 times as long,

Sitting on top of 3 metres of fill
that destroys tidal flats.

View? What view??


Another perspective:*
Yes, A very big shed.

A Comparison between the Cooloola Community Centre and the proposed Boat Shed

The members of SOS Tin Can Bay Inc. are not against progress and developments per se, they are a broad and diverse range of people and ideas and would be quite prepared to look at a future for Norman Point which is "in keeping with the small fishing town atmosphere" that people come here to enjoy, which earns tourist dollars. A "dry boat storage shed and service and supply stores" approximately 46m wide x 68m long x 11m high in this location does not really fit. (Total area approx. 46m x 68m = 3128m2, Shed area approx. 36m x 60m = 2160m2, Supply stores 1000m2). Spoil catchment approx. 110m x 104m = 11440m2 Nearly 3 Acres


Some Mega Marina Facts:
It proposes 240 wet berths & 250 boat storage plac-es - nearly 500 additional large powerful vessels!

Marina fingers right to the edge of the channel, creating a tightly constrained channel and hazardous access for local boaties to and from the boat ramp.

130 000 cubic metres of dredging would occur, and ongoing dredging would be regularly necessary.

10 hectare (approx.) of tidal flats will be filled with dumped dredge spoil. This area extends out nearly three quarters of the way to the red beacon

Dredging sediments have been found to contain acid sulphate soil and organochlorine pesticides and acenapthylene which are likely to have an impact on water quality and marine life.

Two 11 metre high (over 3 stories) boat storage sheds are to be constructed on the reclamation area, blocking the outlook across the Tin Can Inlet waters.

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Lines in the Sand

  Who draws them?

The people who live here,
or the people who never talk to us?

The black line in the picture above shows the boundary between Norman Point parkland and the Boat Harbor Commercial Zone. Yes, that.s right. A huge area of what most people think is parkland is actually zoned commercial.

Look to the map at left. The space between the Boat Harbor Boundary and the access road above it is what we ae talking about. And all the way to the ramp.

The marked access road is also treed parkland. A marina approval would see this bulldozed and paved. What do you think might happen to commercial zoned land with a road frontage? Commercial development?

The marina developer has said Qld .Transport will only put a carpark in this area. Strange that. When Cooloola Shire presented the draft of the new planning scheme to the State Govt. this area was zoned community purposes. That allowed for a carpark if ever needed. Why then did Qld Transport bully Council into upzoning it to commercial? Just because they are bullies? Hardly.

This means a loss of trees, open space and peaceful ambience. An abysmal lack of care and respect by Q.T. for the input of local people. A serious threat to the viability of existing commercial areas. A huge growth node on the end of our skinny esplanade.?


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